Ramsey Nasser

Restricted Airspace

Restricted Airspace is a single player shoot em up in the style of Star Fox for the SNES. It was developed as a backer reward for the successful Kickstarter campaign to support the opening of the Wonderville arcade in Brooklyn. It will remain exclusive to backers until August 2020. Restricted Airspace is written in JavaScript and TypeScript and built in the Ajeeb game engine.

In the game you play the role of a pilot taking a doomed stand against an overwhelming oppressive military invasion. The setting evokes 1890s Beirut and Damascus both in its architecture and vehicle design, while the rendering style is an homage to the early 90s look of the FX chip games on the SNES. The rendering style is documented on my blog.

Restricted Airspace features an introduction sequence by the artist Lara Nasser.