Ramsey Nasser

Wizard's Hand

Wizard’s Hand is a gestural ghost shooting game. Players take on the role of a museum guest who stayed after hours and put on the severed hand of an old wizard, absorbing its magic. They must move their hands and fingers in magical gestures to defend themselves against the onslaught of awakened ghosts and escape. Wizard’s Hand was developed using Arcadia, the Leap Motion sensor, and custom hardware, in collaboration with Kaho Abe for the Leap Motion 3DJam 2014.

The glove was designed and built by Kaho Abe. It features light up fingers that indicate the level of mana remaining, acting as an additional form of feedback to the player beyond the projected screen.

Uniquely, the Leap Motion sensor is embedded in the palm of the glove, allowing the player to use their free hand to form the magic gestures required by the game. This frees the experience form being bound to a table, which most Leap Motion games suffer from, and allows the player to be more performative.